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  1. Robbie Hood

    Robbie Hood Team Alliance Mad Scientist & King of Bastards

    AllianceROM N7000 ICS Final
    Check the changelog HERE
    Check the cool AOSP based theme HERE
    Download Alliance-ROM_N7000 ICS Final HERE
    How to install go HERE

    How , what, where , when , why ... FAQ : HERE
    Report Bugs HERE
    Major Credits to Ficeto without him our ROMs would never be as stable as they are because of his work in the kernels, scripts and more and more... Appreciate the guy , dont let work that you dont see at first hand be in vain :D
    And offcourse credits to my fellow DEVs comnam90 and Goldie
    Team Alliance
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  2. Robbie Hood

    Robbie Hood Team Alliance Mad Scientist & King of Bastards

    AllianceROM N7000 ICS Final
    User interface:
    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10.png 11.png 12.png 13.png 14.png 15.png 16.png 17.png 18.png 19.png 20.png 21.png 22.png 23.png 24.png template.png
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  3. Robbie Hood

    Robbie Hood Team Alliance Mad Scientist & King of Bastards

    AllianceROM N7000 ICS Final Downloads
    Checksum ICS Final :
    MD5: 9d2752a265ee1618da74ea378686b020

    SHA1: d0889fcd287cff9e141f2c67c4e51a1a0472a6c8

    Final from Robbie Hoods SourceForge : HERE
    v2.1 from Robbie Hoods Torrent : HERE
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  4. Robbie Hood

    Robbie Hood Team Alliance Mad Scientist & King of Bastards

    Changelog AllianceROM N7000 ICS Final:

    • Based on Samsung TouchWizz firmware XXLRT android 4.0.4
    • XXLRK Modem
    • Multi - csc with English set up as default setup language for global accesibillity
    • PhiLz LRT kernel
    • Deodexed
    • Zip-Aligned
    • Whole ROM Based on AOSP theme, Very intensive xml theme revert almost no images
    • Added bootanimation & bootsound thanks UdkSD
    • build.prop changes and tweaks for better performance in the dalvik VM and battery preservation, persist ADB icon when in debug mode and oldskool mass storage.
    • Init.d scripts added for better touch response and a better performing system and oldskool mass-storage
    • busybox ,su , sqlite, bash and openvpn Fbin (ROM-Customizer) binaries added on first boot
    Modifications & theming on jars/apks:
    1. SystemUI.apk (dropdown-menu)
      * Added Google Now as a button in task manager or long press menu button
      * S3 animated scroll toggles
      * Added long press takes to parent settings functionality (some still need to be worked out)
      * Back to Samsung taskmanager
      * Reworked the toggles to have an image style again ( on lots of request !! )
      * Carrier label above dropdown handle
      * Moved settings, clear all button to top of the screen for a cleaner view and added long press voice search/recent apps and lock buttons
      *Moved date below the toggles to have a clean look
      *added fading upwards background animation for notifcation boxes
      *Several statusbar tweaks like no usb connect sound, hide bluetooth icon hide clock hide this hide that blabla .. go check it out in customsettings :D
    2. Settings.apk
      * Added new header being : Alliance control to easily access our apps and ... well the name speaks for itself, here you will find all our mods and tweaks :p
      * Restyled to aosp with holo background
      * Scrolling & touch in system improved very noticeable in this apk
    3. Phone.apk
      * Added call recording functionality ( saved to /sdcard/sounds/ )
      * Incall noise reduction disabled by default
      * Modified to have non increasing ringtone
      * Call screen themed to ICS + transparent carbon overlay
    4. Mms.apk
      * Hacked to max 100 recipients in a single message
      * Hacked to dont convert an sms message to mms after 4 pages but 100
      * Extreme theme restyling
      * Extreme theme restyling
      * Restyled alarm to match AOSP look
      * Restyled timer dialer to match to Call-dialer
      * Extreme theme restyling
      * Restyled both landscape and portrait dialer with AOSP nummeric images and carbon look
      * Restyled every single samsung image to aosp
      * Restyled the searchbox to have a carbon look
      *Theming to match
    5. LogsProvider.apk
      * Removed sms & mms from call-log
    6. SecMusicPlayer.apk ( S 3 )
      * Restyled dropdown music controll panel to match the carbon look
    7. SecBrowser.apk
      * Restyled the browser to nice and black
    8. android.policy.jar
      * Modified codes to have 15 fully working lockscreens ( including ripple/circle)
      -S3 Ripple with shortcuts and quickcam
      -S3 Circle with shortcuts and quickcam
      -ICS Original
      -ICS 5 way
      -ICS CustomOctoLock with shortcuts
      -ICS HoneyComb
      -Sony Xperia X10
      -Panasonic Eluga
      -LG Optimus
      -Acer Cloud
      -HTC Sense
      -ZTE DripLock with shortcuts
      -Note Stock Ringwith shortcuts and quickcam
      *Modified codes to have a flashlight on home button when on lockscreen ( toggle in rom customizer/Rom settings/lockchooser)

      * Modified codes to have long press volume to skip track functionality when device is locked(toggle in Settings/CustomSettings/MOD section/lockscreen section)
      * Modified and added code for all lockscreens( toggles in Settings/CustomSettings/lockchooser)
      * Added 4-way reboot menu under the restart button ( recovery/download/hot boot and restart )
    9. framework.jar
      * Modified codes for lockscreens
      * Modified codes for google now
    10. services.jar
      *Modified code to have a toggle for crt off animation ( toggle in rom customizer/Rom settings/mod config)
    11. framework-res.apk
      *completely reworked styles.xml for aosp look and lots of layout changes
    12. Overall AOSP app drawer icons added
    13. SamsungCamera.apk thanks jobnik for some of his sources
      *remapped shutter to volume buttons in all modes
      *Removed anything low battery related
      *Better quality
      *Removed no camera notification when in call
    And yes offcourse .... probably more i forgot :p
  5. Robbie Hood

    Robbie Hood Team Alliance Mad Scientist & King of Bastards



    Flash via ROM-Customizer or via CWM/TWRP-recovery coming from any rooted ROM:

    1. Download CustomSettings.apk HERE
    2. Put it on your sdcard,
    3. Open romcustomizer/flash file from sd and flash as a system app (popup will give you the choice).
    4. Choose the ROM-flash settings you want in "romcustomizer/rom-settings" but be sure to tick wipe
    5. Then go back to flash file from sdcard where u need to select the ROM(AllianceROM_N7000_ICS-Final.zip)

    Or via recovery

    Now sit back and enjoy the ride :)
  6. Robbie Hood

    Robbie Hood Team Alliance Mad Scientist & King of Bastards

    one more:p
  7. Goldie

    Goldie Team Alliance GateKeeper & Master of The Locks Staff Member

    mine :D

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  8. twinmaster

    twinmaster AllianceROM User

    Great work

  9. firestonez

    firestonez AllianceROM User

    This excited me more than the leak JB..

    Thank Robbie
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    I was checking the forum from my phone. When I saw the thread, I said "Yay, time to go to an internet cafe to download this thing."
    I walked for 20 minutes, came this cafe. Entered the site and saw the thing I did not before: Under construction :D

    I am on holiday now and will flash this after I got home.
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