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    Until more recent versions, and even though Darky ROM has always tried to be as beginner-friendly as possible, there were certain delicate steps in order to install DarkyROM. Flashing CF-Root or custom kernels for root, messing with recovery 3e and 2e in order to get Clockwork Mod up and running...

    In order to make the installation even easier, Darky has prepared a "resurrection package" (Darky Resurrection Edition, DRE) which is installed through Odin or Heimdall. This Resurrection Edition is a run-of-the-mill DarkyROM, with the peculiarity of not needing Clockwork Mod. This renders irrelevant many things: whether you run stock or custom ROMS, whether you're rooted or not, whether you use custom Kernels or not. This is a fallback ROM in case something goes awry.

    The only mandatory step is to check that you have the possibility of entering Download Mode in any form: 3-button combo, an expanded shutdown menu or a JIG cable. This is so because we Odin and Heimdall only work when the phone is on Download Mode.

    Who should use DRE?
    • People who want a fresh start for whatever reason: this installation nukes the system partition of the internal SDCard (not the whole card!), so it guarantees a clean flash.
    • People with issues to flash the ROM. This will make your life easier.
    • People who don't wish to run DarkyROM but still have issues with their phone. This is a good fallback ROM since it has root and ClockworkMod fully working, so any other ROM can be flashed. Still, we think that you'll love DarkyROM enough to stay if you try it :)
    • People who want a stable ROM with a good battery: it's actually one of the Darky ROMs with best battery stats in the experience of many users.
    • Compulsive flashers who want a new way of flashing things :D
    Usual disclaimers apply: keep your important data safe, and keep in mind that there's a tiny possibility of bricking the phone for good (mainly because of the use of a leaked program such as Odin). Neither Darky nor anyone can guarantee 100% safety. This will never completely brick your phone, as download mode will always keep working..

    Let's commence:

    0) Check that you can enter on Download mode as mentioned above. If you have a custom kernel running (Voodoo, Speedmod, DamianGTO) turn off any lagfix. Wipe your phone beforehand. You can do this on your phone if you're running stock roms and kernels (Settings-Privacy-Restore factory data) or through the Recovery menu. If you use custom kernels, do it through ClockworkMod, not on the phone.

    On Windows, you must deactivate any instance of Kies (both the program and the tray agent).

    1) Put the phone in Download Mode


    Heimdall is actually recommended against Odin, for a multitude of reasons:

    i) Heimdall is Open Source Software and it has a flesh-and-bones developer who you can direct yourself to in case of trouble (the discussion thread of Heimdall is here). Odin is leaked software, unsupported, unstable and unknown by the community.
    ii) Heimdall is more comprehensive: it runs in Windows, Linux and MacOS, while Odin only runs in Windows.
    iii) Heimdall allows much more fine-tuning and it is being improved in every new release. Odin is, by its very nature, unimproveable.

    Download the following file and unzip it:

    I'm going to use the terminal commands you would use on the Linux terminal (without frontend), but you'll see that the GUI frontend works practically in the same way. From the snippet of code used you should be able to deduce what goes where in the GUI.

    2-a0) Install Heimdall. Click on the button "Downloads" in this webpage:https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/Heimdall and download the recommended package. If you are more willing (or forced) to compile from the source code, it'll solace you to know that there is an excellent Readme and that the compilation is ├╝ber-easy.
    The best way to check that heimdall is working once installed is to open a terminal and type "heimdall" which should give you the whole list of options of the app.

    2-a1) Use the terminal to navigate to the folder where you've unzipped the files.
    2-a2) Copy-paste on said terminal:
    heimdall flash --repartition --pit s1_odin_20100512.pit --factoryfs factoryfs.rfs --cache cache.rfs --dbdata dbdata.rfs --primary-boot boot.bin --secondary-boot Sbl.bin --param param.lfs --kernel zImage --modem modem.bin
    2-a3) If you don't want to use the terminal, open the frontend and put every file on its matching field: .pit on PIT, factoryfs.rfs on FactoryFS, zImage on Kernel (zImage), and so on. There will be empty fields. Oh, and don't forget to tick "Repartition Device".


    2-b3) Press Start, and wait for it to finish. This is the most fragile process. Any interruption could deliver a lovely brick instead of your phone. Do NOT unplug the USB cable, and try to make sure that your computer is not vulnerable to power outages.

    2-a4) DRE is on your phone, and you'll see that it appears in Dutch. Change the language and use the configurator in order to flash the whole DarkyROM.


    You need these two files

    2-b0) Remember to close any Kies-related processes before opening Odin. By the way, consider why the heck you have Kies: it simply sucks.
    2-b1) Tick Repartition.
    2-b2) Put darky_odin.tar.md5 on PDA
    2-b3) Put s1_odin _20100512.pit on PIT
    2-b4) Plug in the phone.

    You should be seeing this:


    2-b5) Press Start and wait for the process to finish. As I mentioned before, it's the most delicate moment, so ensure that the cable is well connected and that the computer is safe.

    2-b6) Once it's finished, this should be what you're seeing


    Once your phone reboots after the ODIN process is complete, your recovery will start up, and you will see some errors. Simply select 'Reboot System Now' using the Power/Home Button. Once it finishes rebooting, unplug your phone from the computer

    2-b7) You have DRE installed. It may appear to you in Dutch due to the base Rom which was used. Just skip everything, go to Settings and switch the language to your preferred one (the options are still in the same place :D).

    From here on you can download and flash the whole DarkyROM through the configurator app or through the other two packages contained in the file you downloaded before... or anything else.

    And that's it. While DRE is a ROM on its own, it's best used as a preparatory for the whole DarkyROM, which you'll find in the Stable Releases section of this forum.
  2. babbs

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    Odin Semi-Bricked my phone. Then I switched to Heimdall and thank Mr. Heimdall, I was able to get the resurrection edition on. I just got my I9000M back from the shop after a the infamous motherboard meltdown. I thought I would have to take it right back for more repairs! If you have an I9000M ( Canadian Bell Vibrant ) I would urge you to use Heimdall!
  3. Logseman

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    I've decided to reverse the order of the guide in order to emphasize that Heimdall is recommended.
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  4. Dextrox

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    do i have to remove the driver of kies????
  5. Logseman

    Logseman Guest

    Actually not, it's mandatory in Windows.
  6. Mordenkainen

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    My phone is looping at darky's rom logo...im using heimdall method =(
  7. Logseman

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    Try and reflash with Heimdall... Maybe something went awry. Plus, MacOS and Heimdall don't relate too well, seemingly.
  8. Will Dickie

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    Where too from here?
    Background was running darkys 9.3 for about 3 weeks, all good, then process.android... kept coming up on everything i went to open or do. rebooted phone - wouldn't start. additcted said i need to use resurrection edition. Initally tried using Odin - followed instructions word for word. It would hold up on the following step.
    <ID:0/011> File analysis..
    <ID:0/011> Enter CS for MD5..
    <ID:0/011> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    <ID:0/011> Please wait..
    <ID:0/011> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    <ID:0/011> Leave CS..
    <ID:0/011> SetupConnection..
    tried about 3 time same outcome.

    Tried using Heimdall - something has gone wrong, it now wont recognize the device in windows, I am unable to get into recovery mode anymore (it just shows image of phone to computer - even tho phone is not connected to anything) So when i try to start it just say failed to recognise device - or something along those lines. Tried Odin again and it connect to that and show up now.

    Do I have to go and buy another phone? or is this still somehow recoverable.
    PS i am a rookie when it comes to this stuff (obviously!) but will happily made a decent donation to anyone that can get me back in action! Help (spelt out for noobs) would be most appreciated.
  9. Hamscer

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    Logseman, I'm having a slight problem, I'm kinda stuck on 9.2 because when i go to recovery mode I ahve only a few options, Wipe factory wipe cache update.zip and reboot >.<
  10. Logseman

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    Then you don't have CWM installed. Flash another kernel with Odin or Heimdall, such as Dark Core, since it has CWM embedded, and you're done.

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