How to setup FTP server

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    There are no guides about how to setup a FTP server on Darky Community!
    So I found one on the internet. I tried it already and it's working!

    Here's the simple guide:

    How to setup a FTP Server

    You can transfer files between Android and computer using your local WiFi network. To do that you need to install a free app “SwiFTP FTP Server” on your Android phone and then map a network drive on you computer to access Android phone.

    Both, your Android phone and your Windows computer must be connect to same wireless network. Lets see how to transfer files using WiFi between Android and Computer.

    Search “SwiFTP FTP Server” in Android Market app, download and Install it.

    Run the SwiFTP app from Android.
    1. You need to setup few entries like “username” and “password” that you have to enter while you need to access Android phone from computer.
    2. leave the “Port number” as it is or you can change if you getting some error while starting the SwiFTP server. There are some other settings if you want to change it.
    3. Tap “Save” button when done.
    Tap “Start” button to start the FTP server, note down the Wifi URL e.g. and notice the SwiFTP icon is displaying on Notification bar. It recommended to stop the SwiFTP server if you are not using it.

    Right click on “Computer” icon and select “Map network drive”.

    Click on the text link “connect to a Web site that you can…” as shown below in screenshot.

    This will run a wizard to add a Network location, just click “Next” button.

    “Choose a custom network location” option and click “Next” button.

    Type the Wifi URL/FTP address that you have noted in step-3 and click “Next” button.

    Un-check the “Log on anonymously” check-box, type the username that you have mentioned in SwiFTP settings on Android phone in step-2 and click “Next” button.

    Enter a name for the location “My Android” or anything you want and click “Next” button.

    Finally make sure the SwiFTP server is running on Android phone and click the “Finish” button.

    If the “Open this network location…” check box is checked, this will prompt for username and password that you have mentioned in SwiFTP settings on Android phone in step-2. Type the User name and Password and click “Log On” button.

    If you enter the correct username and password you will see the contents of your Android phone including SDcard. Now you can transfer files/folders between your computer and Android phone.

    If you want to access your Android phone from your computer later, Double click “Computer” icon and here you can see the mapped network drive icon.


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    I use this too, additionally ANDftp, works great for both
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    this is simply great. i was going through some kind of problem but you helped me to complete my task on time.
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    With the latest "File Expert" Android application (3.1.3), u can Host, and Access to FTP servers, so it's 2 in 1, and no need 2 individual application for this operation!
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    "Software Data Cable" is another great app for this that I use. It allows root folder access on your PC. and is really easy to set up.

    I'll have to try File Expert as I have this on my phone...


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