BASE [ODIN] DarkyROM 10.2 Resurrection GT-I9000

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    For all that wanted it :)

    Here is the resurrection package :) will get you to a nice clean 10.2 ;) if you miss any apps, do not worry! They are backed up on your sdcard and you can use DarkyROM Tool to install whatever you need :)

    Italian guide here - by Hybrid Core
    German/Deutsch guide here - by BaRoo
    Spanish guide here - by iall5tar

    Video by Totallydubbed

    1. Download
    2. Extract ZIP
    3. Start Odin 1.3
    4. Put the pit file in PIT
    5. Tick repartition
    6. Put PDA.tar it into PDA
    7. Put phone in Download Mode (vol-down+home+pwr)
    8. Connect through USB to your computer (make sure Kies is off)
    9. Hit Start
    10. Sit back and relax while your phone gets resurrected :)
    -Currently after flashing this ROM the /system lagfix is disabled by default (although /data lagfix is enabled), so this will cause problems if you choose to flash DarkyROM v10.2 Extreme Edition over this ROM such as hanging at the start screen. If you decide to go down this route please check whether or not all of your lagfixes are enabled (and if not please enable them). You can check this either with the Voodoo Control app from the Market, or by going into CWM recovery and going into the 'Voodoo' menu.

    To install missing apps:
    1. Download DarkyOTA from Market
    2. Open app and in General tab, select Install system apps
    3. Click on any app that you want installed
    List of missing apps:
    Swype Installation Guide

    Just so no stupid questions are asked:
    1. Rooted
    2. Busyboxed
    3. Openvpn
    4. Themed
    5. Extended power menu
    6. Rotary Unlock
    7. Memory Hacks
    8. Lots more
    9. oh yes.... and BLN :)
    Ok now I will explain why lag fixes are better to be on when flashing 10.2 Resurrection and what will happen when if you have them off.
    DarkyROM Resurrection edition does not overwrite /data partition, but it does all other ones
    When partition is formatted as RFS and files are written to it while in recovery, all data is lost on boot (why we ask for lag fix on when installing CWM)
    Thus if you have lag fix off, when you flash RE with Odin, on boot you will loose 2 applications that do get copied to data (GGB Launcher and the new Market)
    Having Lagfix ON will mount /data as EXT4 on the first boot recovery run and those apps will get properly installed
    Additionally the recovery that runs on first boot deletes /sdcard/Darky and /sdcard/Voodoo which clears all ROM settings and enables all Lagfixes on the boot after initial recovery.

    So, to summarize:
    Lagfix ON: you'll get GGB Launcher and the new Market
    LagfixOFF: you will not get the above two apps (/data will still be converted to EXT4)

    (Updated on 29/07/2011) MB)

    -NEW SourceForge Mirror

    -List of DarkCore versions

    List of apps removed (in the Install section of the NEW App)
    (Thank you Ceriko for the description of the Apps) - I looked through them all - here they are, fresh out the box :p

    AngryGPS.apk- nobody uses it, removing doesn't make GPS worst
    BuddiesNow.apk- 3rd-party app
    BluetoothPbap.apk- Print over Bluetooth
    BluetoothTestMode.apk- Test, safe to remove
    ChocoEUKor.apk- Font
    CoolEUKor.apk– Font
    Dlna.apk- AllShare,3rd-party app
    DualClock.apk- Samsung widget
    FactoryTest.apk- Test, safe to remove
    GoogleFeedback.apk- Location? safe to remove
    GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk- Search app/widget
    HTMLViewer.apk- Useless! safe to remove
    Layar.apk-3rd-party app
    LiveWallpapers.apk- Samsung's default live wallpapers
    MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk – Wallpaper
    Memo.apk- Memo
    MiniDiary.apk- 3rd-party app
    MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk- Stock mobile tracker
    MobileTrackerUI.apk- Stock mobile tracker
    MtpApplication.apk- Necessary to connect to Kies only
    RoseEUKor.apk- Font
    SamsungApps.apk- Samsung Apps
    SamsungAppsUNAService.apk- Samsung Apps
    SimDetachNotifier.apk- Notifies when the SIM gets detached? Not needed on SGS
    SnsAccount.apk- Necessary for Samsung to sync Facebook & Twitter, sync will work with all other 3rd-party apps
    SnsProvider.apk-Necessary for Samsung to sync Facebook & Twitter, sync will work with all other 3rd-party apps
    TwWallPaperChooser.apk- Contains Samsung default wallpapers
    UnifiedInbox.apk- 3rd-party app
    VoiceSearch.apk - Samsung Voice Search
    VoiceDialer.apk- Samsung Voice dialer
    WlanTest.apk- Test, safe to remove
    WriteAndGo.apk- 3rd-party app
    install_flash_player.apk- ? but safe to remove
    lcdtest.apk- Test, safe to remove
    signin.apk- Necessary to enter the Samsung login section in Settings, option in settings will no longer work
    syncmldm.apk- Software Update
    syncmlds.apk- Samsung Account
    wipereceiver.apk- Remote wipe (goes with Mobile tracker)
    wssomacp.apk- Notification app for stock SMS app, not needed if stock SMS app is removed
    wssyncmlnps.apk- Samsung sync app
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    That´s AWESOME!!

    Me like clean very much :D

    THANX Ficeto!
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    Nice, and thanks a lot.
  4. bubbafett

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    lagfix on or off ?
  5. Huupie

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    Looks great, cheers M8!!!!
  6. ficeto

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    it does not matter, but better off
  7. pikachu1303

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    Is there any changes with 10.2 final???
  8. imranskp

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    No matter what you do, there are always some stupid questions.
  9. blorro
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    Great work once again.
    Any chance for a CWM one?

    flashomatic I9000
  10. imranskp

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    No use of CWM version as RE. you can use Darky final version if you want to flash with CWM.

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