Hacked Camera

Hacked Camera
With great phone comes excellent hardware, but that`s never going to be enough. Yes? Then it`s time to use a mod to make things even better. With Camera Mod you will be able to take better pictures and record higher quality videos. Using this particular one will allow you to record 30 Mbit / 1080p videos among other stuff. It works on rooted Galaxy S II and III. Lets see what are the features and install procedures for these two.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: as usual, if anything goes wrong, it`s all your fault :rolleyes::) be prepared to face possible unwanted consequences. Do a Nandroid Backup before installation, follow the guide... blah, blah, blah

SAMSUNG GALAXY S II (credits potatoman)

- replaces stock Camera.apk
- allows use of the camera and recorder at any Battery Life
- records Audio in 192 kbps / 44.1 kHz quality (CD like) compared to stocks 64 kpbs / 16 kHz
- optional ˝No Sounds˝ versions (for Standard and Highbit versions!). All of the features, none of the noise, even the autofocus noise is gone!




1) Root & install a file manager which lets you browse root
2) browse to /system/app, and rename your Camera.apk to Camera.apk.bak and your Camera.odex to Camera.odex.bak (for use as a backup to restore from)
3) Unrar my APK (password: potatoman@xda) and copy it over to /system/app.
4) Rename it Camera.apk
5) Close the file manager and run the Camera app from the main menu
6) IF the app fails to run, or the shortcut is missing, go back to the /system/app folder and try to install it (tap it in root explorer then "install"). This step is only a fallback, do NOT do this if it works already at step 5.
7) Enjoy!


Copy the new .apk to the root of the internal sdcard of the phone. Then run the appropriate set of commands:

1) adb shell
2) su
3) mount -o remount,rw -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p9 /system
4) cp -r /sdcard/Camera.apk /system/app/Camera.apk
5) chmod 644 /system/app/Camera.apk

1) adb shell
2) su
3) mount -o remount,rw -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p9 /system
4) cp -r /sdcard/CameraSoundless.apk /system/app/Camera.apk
5) chmod 644 /system/app/Camera.apk
6) cd /system/media/audio/ui
7) rm cam*
8) rm Cam*
9) rm Shut*
10) rm Video*

SAMSUNG GALAXY S III (credits hyperX)

Aside from the mentioned 30 Mbit / 1080p video recording, the application also provides the following features:

- battery mod / start Camera below 15 %
- start camera while on CALL
- “VOLUME DOWN/UP” to shot a photo
- 192 kbit @ 48khz for all resolutions
- now you can instandly shoot photos by pressing Vol. Up/down without refocus object !
- press “Menu” button (capacitive button) to focus an object AND it will remain focused until you shoot an photo OR refocus again
- COMPLETE Silence Camera (even without touch-focus sound)
- refocus + focus-LOCK press “menu”
- volume down – DIRECT shot without refocusing ! You can shoot instandly so many photos as you want by pressing the key very fast (3-4 pics/sec.)


Not much to say really. DOWNLOAD the CWM flashable .zip. You know what to do with it :D
For further information, new releases, questions, bug report... visit this site or the original thread on XDA forum!

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Aug 23, 2012