Move Applications to External SD

Move Applications to External SD
Move Applications to your external SD Card
This tutorial will show you how to make the needed partitions on your SD card for use with Link2SD/App2SD.

All mobile phones, especially android phones, have the limited internal storage. If you install lots of applications on your phone, internal storage will decrease and in some cases this could affect the phone's performace. So, to get around this you can install your applications on your external storage/SD Card.

Requirements & Tools:
1. Your Android must be rooted
2. Partition software installed on your PC (i.e. Mini Partition Wizard) -
3. USB Cable & card reader (pull SD card from phone, insert into USB SD Card reader. Windows should report new drive and content of the drive should be visible)
4. Link2sd (Android App), to move/linked applications from internal storage to external storage/SD Card.
1. Install Mini Partition Wizard on your PC, then plug USB Card Reader containing your SD Card. Now, open Windows File Manager and format your SD Card (attention: this step will delete all your data on SD Card, so make backup first). Make sure you are deleting partition on SD card! (not your hard drive for example)


2. Now click Delete on Mini Partition Wizard, check the screenshot:


3. Create Fat or Fat32 Partition > select Create as “Primary”. This 1st partition wil be placed for your file data (music, images, etc.). Select “File System:” FAT when you have 2GB or smaller card. Select “File System:” FAT32 when you have 4GB or greater card:


4. Create ext2 or ext3. Select “File System:” ext3 – for App2SD/Link2SD.


5. Now, click “apply” button on left corner on Mini Partition Wizard. Partition will be created, and your SD Card will be formatted.
Partition of your SD Card is finished, the next step is installing Link2SD app to your android. First, download Link2SD from the Play Store, here.

Install it to your phone, then open Link2SD, choose ext2
Reboot your phone, done. Now you can move/install applications to your SD Card.

by arawn
Jul 23, 2012
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